About Us

Limited edition most visually appealing Islamic wall-art, sold at a revolutionary price.


We exist to help people rediscover their Islamic wall arts. So, we spend a great amount of time creating art that will have the largest impact on your life.


A art work will be available once in a six-month period, once it is sold out it will not be available until next six months period. You will own a work of which only a few have ever been made, we love that. Knowing you own something that is mass produced can influence the way you experience the it, so we found a middle ground.


We believe in having small, finely curated selection of artworks available that is constantly revolving. Don’t like what you see? Come back tomorrow and discover new pieces.

About Canvas Prints

A professional gallery wrap canvas around a sturdy wooden frame
Printed using state-of-the-art wide-format printers which offer uncompromising gallery quality.